Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doctor's Wellness Visit

CJ and Daisy just had their wellness checks and both did well overall.  DC just got over a little cold/cough so she was upset with the doctor but was still trying to muster up her cute little smile.  CJ absolutely HATES going to the doctor and will fight even getting on the scale.  Thankfully Daddy went with us so I didn't have to deal with 2 screaming kids by myself. They both received their flu shot (Mommy did too) and a happy CJ left covered in stickers.  
Here are their current stats:
CJ - 3 years old
37 pounds (92nd percentile)
38" tall (66th percentile)
DC - 9 months old
21 pounds (84th percentile)
29" tall (91st percentile)


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