Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alphabet Art: Letter A

A fun art project that CJ and I do often is create alphabet art.  I found these great cardboard uppercase letters at Lakeshore Learning.  Lakeshore Learning sells lowercase letters as well.  When we first started, I had the idea to do all the letters in alphabetical order.  I quickly scrapped that plan and now we'll do whatever letter we have materials for.  When we're done with the entire alphabet, I'll used the scanned artwork to create a book.

A is for Apple Tree

Materials Used:
  • green paint
  • apple stickers
The idea was to get CJ to paint the "tree" green and place the stickers.  She wasn't too thrilled with the painting so I had to finish it for her.  She loved doing the stickers though.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 7 Month Birthday DC!!!!

At 11:11pm, little DC officially be 7 months old!!  I can't believe how fast my baby girl is growing.  She's been making a lot of accomplishments lately.  She's now crawling....or at least her version of it.  She will crawl a little bit but resort to rolling around when she's being lazy.  She hates laying down and wants to stand up as much as possible.  She loves holding onto the coffee table and watching her big sister play.  CJ isn't as amused because DC tries to steal her toys. She started baby food and loves squash and green beans.  She won't let a drop get past her mouth so she won't let us get a messy-face baby pic.  Best of all she said her first word!!!!!  I'm a little jealous that it was "Dada" considering I spend all day with her but I'm happy to see how much she loves her daddy.  Poor guy has 2 daddy's girls on his hands now!  I'll try to post some pics of her soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day at the Inner Harbor

I hope all of you had a wonderful Labor Day!  Charles and I decided to take CJ to the Inner Harbor and the weather was perfect!!  (DC hung out with my parents so we could have some quality time with CJ.)

We took at trip to the top of the World Trade Center (27 stories up) to see the gorgeous panoramic views of the city. Much to my surprise, CJ was not afraid of the heights and loved looking out the windows.

As soon as CJ saw the dragon paddle boats, we knew that we had to go for a ride.  I reminded her that Dora always wants us to be safe so we made sure we wore our " we can be safe!"

After the paddle boats, we stopped for a little lunch and CJ couldn't resist the mechanical rides.

Giant crabs were on the loose!!

Inside the Visitor's Center was Fifi the a giant pink poodle. It has a bike underneath it so I assume it was designed to be a moving art piece.  CJ thought it was hysterical and wanted to ride it.

We had originally planned on going to the Science Center but decided that we would rather tour the harbor on the Water Taxi.  CJ had a BLAST!  She loved feeling the breeze on her face, looking at the water and seeing all the boats. 


I plan on turning some of the pictures that I took into an educational photo book for CJ.  Here are a few examples of what I plan on doing:

2 Gray Ships

7 Large Cylinders

What shapes do you see?

I love the architecture of the city.  It's a mix of historic and modern built next to each other.  Here are some of my favorite shots:

My mom will only make her Sweet Tea with Domino Sugar.

 World Trade Center & National Aquarium

If you're a fan of Homicide: Life on the Street, you might recognize this building as police headquarters.
The building has beautiful architecture and the patina is gorgeous!  I love taking close-up shots of architectural details such as this:

Details of the street light:

The USS Constellation. Notice the flag on the back of the ship and the smaller flag in the distance.

We spent several hours having fun at the Inner Harbor and CJ loved having alone time with her Mommy and Daddy.  By the end, she was so tired she passed out as soon as she got in her car seat.


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