Sunday, August 22, 2010

Airplane Adventure

What started off as a mundane Monday ended up being a pretty exciting and educational day!  I forgot that CJ didn't have gym class this week and she was disappointed when we got there and couldn't play.  Instead of taking them back home, I decided that we would take a field trip to the local airport.  The airport has a great observation area.  Not only could CJ see real planes but they had a great displays to teach about the various airplane parts.  

CJ checking out real planes.  This didn't impress her as much as I thought it would.

All those buttons, levers and dials and a toddler just dying to get at them!

After we got home and the girls took their nap, I started thinking of an art project to go along with our trip.  Here is what I came up with:
  • blue construction paper
  • white paper airplane (I cut mine out using my Cricut Expressions but you can print out an outline of an airplane or draw one freehand)
  • something to color with (I originally planned on using crayons but CJ decided that she wanted to use her Dot Markers instead)
  • cotton balls
  • glue
CJ wanted to fly the airplane around before coloring it.  I used this opportunity to ask her where the various parts of the plane were (wings, tail, etc)

She loves mixing colors with the Dot Markers and seeing new colors she comes up with.

She hates when she accidentally makes a mess on the table so I let her clean up with a baby wipe.

Apply glue and cotton balls.  I had to do most of the glue to keep it in a "cloud" shape.

The finished product!!

Finally, we read Planes at the Airport to finish off our spontaneous Airplane Adventure!

Planes At The Airport

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  1. Thats a really clever idea! Most people dread going to the airport but you made a really fun activity out of it for the both of you, and then an art project to top it off! I wonder what interesting things there are around here?



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