Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tot School

~CJ is currently 33 months old.~
Tot School

Our week started with a trip to the airport and a follow-up art project.  You can read about our Airplane Adventure here.

I admit that I'm slightly obsessed with the painted wood decorations that can be found at most craft stores.  I have over 100 and can't get enough!  I glue a magnet to the back and turn it into a fun, educational prop for CJ to play with.  

While I normally try to incorporate a lesson with the play, this week I just let her have fun and free play with them. She likes trying to match things up and you can see a little bit of it here.  She put the dog next to the doghouse, all the frogs are together at the bottom, and the boat and anchor are together.

She'll even try to find matches around the room for her magnets and loves showing me.

She was excited that the bee on her shirt matched her wood bee.

She told the dogs to sit in the rocking chair and watch her play.

Check out the Angelina Jolie lips!

CJ has been crazy about puzzles lately and I brought out some new ones for her to play with. Please note that I took all the pictures on the same day (you can tell by her shirt) but we played with them every day.

A simple foam number puzzle found in the dollar bin at the grocery store. She'll say the number as she puts them in and I've been teaching her how many fingers to hold up for each number.

I bought this Alphabet Train puzzle a year ago but I finally felt that CJ was old enough to attempt putting it together.  She would find the letter in the pile in front of her, say the letter and the sound it makes and we worked on identifying the object in the train car that began with that letter. I didn't know how long her toddler attention span would last but she surprised me!  We probably spent a good 30-45 minutes on this.  

CJ is a little backseat driver and will yell at me to stop whenever she sees a STOP sign.  I decided to make a Road Sign Game* to teach her more about the signs we see while driving.  This week we focused on matching the signs to their shadows.  Later we will talk about what the sign means. I tried to include the basic shapes (octagon stop sign, triangle yield sign, circle railroad crossing, etc)

She's been working on 4-piece puzzles.  This is an wood alphabet puzzle that consists of 13 double-sided boards.  She did really well and only asked for help a couple of times.

*If you would like a copy of the Road Signs file-folder game, click the following links:


  1. This is my first time at your blog! LOVE the Road Sign File Folder Game. What a neat idea!!! Will you be sharing it as a download?

    Also, I just responded to your question about Mama's Mission of the Month over on my blog. Please let me know if you have more questions! :-)

  2. Mama Jenn: I'm glad you like the file folder game. As soon I figure out how those upload websites work, I'll have it available for download.

  3. Awesome!!! I use 4shared to upload and share my printables. It is free and fairly easy to use.

  4. I just added a 4shared link to the post with all the files.

  5. I'm always drawn to those little wooden decorations too. Fun idea to turn them into magnets and justify my curious obsession with them!

    Thanks for sharing your road sign game! I've got it downloaded and set aside for when my tot is a bit older

  6. Thanks for the road sign idea and downloads. What a cool idea!



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